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About Anancy

Anancy (also spelled Anansi or Ananse) symbolizes different things to different people. To some he is simply a trickster, a 'tricky little spider' who most times manages to outsmart everyone around him.

Most times Anancy, without working hard, without playing by the rules, comes out on top. He has a way of getting into scrapes and a wonderfully cunning way of getting out of them. Anancy also represents the resilience and survival instinct of a people who can come through any situation.
Historically, Anancy was the representation of the Ashanti spider-God, and stories of Anancy brought over to the Caribbean by West Africans who came as slaves, are deeply entrenched in the cultural landscape of Jamcaica and other Caribbean territories. hence though we have no wild lions and tigers in the Caribbean, they feature prominently in the stories. The preservation of the stories has been in large part, oral, and so versions vary, according to the storyteller and the context.
Anyway you take it, tricky though he is, Anancy is a lovable character and stories about him are timeless, and enjoyed by young and old alike.